Monday, April 4, 2011


have you heard about this wonder supplement

you've got the scoop on omegas yes?
the amazing health benefits?

* They can help to increase your energy level.
* Might prevent certain types of cancer
* Improve your sleep
* Reduce inflammation
* Improve muscle recovery from trauma
* Help with arthritis.
* Provide lubrication to the skin, arteries, veins and intestinal tract.
* Help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
* Help to improve concentration
* Benefit for diseases like: Alzheimer’s, depression and many other cognitively impaired situations.
* Reduces high blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.
* Might improve the healing capability for various health problems.
* Can improve constipation

lowers triglycerides
since it improves your moods, is a great depression aide
helps with skin problems
as a lubricant for digestion yes, but also the BRAIN
our brains require these omegas to function
they are most important in prenatal care to stimulate brain development

Traditional omega 3s have been derived from fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, olive oils and supplements

NOW with this on the market, we have a supplement that is more potent and reap the benefits

off the coast of New Zealand

this is home to the greenlip mussel, source of a powerful and effective all-natural omega-3.

Today, Noel and John Turner are fulfilling their vision of bringing this powerful and effective all-natural omega-3 to you.

For over thirty years, scientists and researchers have known the properties of the greenlip mussel grown only in New Zealand. New Zealand greenlip mussels are shown to have the highest concentration of omega-3 essential oils on the planet.

Looking to provide a complete world-class wellness product, MOXXOR has added two powerful superfoods.
MOXXOR takes the exceptionally potent Sauvignon Blanc grapeseed husk and refines it to capture the world’s preeminent antioxidant along with the immune-supporting properties of the New Zealand Kiwifruit seed that is teeming with all 8 members of the vitamin E family. Researchers have shown that antioxidants effectively combat free-radicals.

The visionaries and co-founders of MOXXOR, Noel and John Turner, have taken a powerful all-natural omega-3 and blended it with potent antioxidants to create MOXXOR.

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my little family has started taking there's
what supplements do you take?

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