Saturday, April 2, 2011

foot stickers?


1. i heart stickers, have since i was a wee tomboy in the dirty jerz
2. am a dancer so i appreciate being barefoot, and letting your tootsies breathe
3. anything NIKE is brilliant

having said that
there is a new concept in town
they stick to the parts of your feet that absorb the most impact
i love that they thought about slipping but what about hazardous materials?
yes you arch doesnt usually hit the ground when running
(if it does your should NOT try these)
what happens if you step on a sharpe rock?
where do you wear these?
found this article
love this stuff..................

With sports and other hazardous activities in mind, Dutchman Frieke Severs designed a material that can reduce slipperyness and protect our pedals from injuries. From what injuries we’re not sure, because we doubt these stickers can deflect the impact of stepping on a rusty nail. Ouch!

To be honest, this is plain ridiculous. (It’s a concept so the ridiculous factor doesn’t figure as much.) Still, foot stickers? They don’t even cover the soft part of your foot. Worse, if this ever goes into production, the adhesive has to be very very powerful to resist sweat, pressure, and dirt. Lots of dirt.

It might not all be useless though. Appliqué like this might evolve into a viable replacement for socks, which have incubated many foul odors in our feet for ages. (That’s another rplus for going a round barefoot; unless you step on doo do, your feet never smell as bad—they smell earthy.)

But stickers for walking around? Here’s a better alternative: flip flops. Ever heard of them?

my response to him:

if i can remember correctly,


flip flops cause you to subconsciously grip with your toes. you also cannot get proper range of motion in your hip while walking in them. they are NOT recommended by functional movement specialists. Vibrams, though strange, serve their purpose. i do agree that these stickers have limited usage BUT if marketed to dancers or gymnast to decrease the impact to the foot when training, they can be a huge success. they are in a controlled environment on smooth surfaces. HUUUMMMMM


where my dancer's at? how many of you have had heal spurs or bunions

i grew up tumbling on hard wood floors (when full out)

these would have done wonders for impact

what do you think?

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