Monday, April 11, 2011


there are many many things that each one of us has to be thankful for
sometimes we forget and let life's journey over shadow the amazing gifts we have already been given, and that we carry with us each day

i was watching the RECRUIT the other night
and all the handsome Colin Farrell kept repeating was
"EVERYTHING is a test"

why do we take ourselves so seriously
why does spilling water cause the adrenaline in our bodies to overflow
we put to much emPHASis on the wrong syllAble
our days should not be about the little things that go wrong
but the fact that we woke up, have jobs, healthy friends & families
and have a home to wake up in

i think today should be the day that we all make a list
or say out loud
all the things that we are grateful for

my god.....when is it going to sink in that my dreams are coming true
i am opening my own 3200 SQFT gym in VENICE CA
my family is healthy
chuka do, my own personal skooby, is my love & best friend
& i receive free SNEAKERS IN THE MAIL for goodness sake!

but seriously

i, like most women (i say women, cause we admit it) struggle with body image
more so years ago, than now, but never the less I DO

ladies, i beg of you,
when you find yourself staring at your pores (Quinn) in the mirror
or squeezing that extra bit of summin summin from a body part
we all age, there is a story behind each line and freckle

is in these stories, in the comfort of your confidence
no matter what shape or size

i can smile (on days i remember this) at the 10 lbs i have gained
because, the way this happened was fantastic
i fell in love
i ate pancakes
we shared sweet potato fries
i baked & tasted :)
i allowed myself to sit on the couch.....and sink into his arms
allowed myself to let someone in
i got lost in my work
in working so hard on opening my studio
i shortened my workouts to fit in all my clients & meetings

happiness made me this way
i wouldnt change those experiences for anything in the world
why would i want to?
because i dont look like a barbie doll?

all there is to do is giggle with the stories i have created
& get back on track
stay dedicated to my work
and understand that my business & relationship is not what it could be
if i were putting myself first
smile, get my ass on the step mill and fire up the GD george forman grill

life has its fluctuations
why can't i?

we live in a time where we can do anything
be anything we want to be
all we have to do is work hard

when they say, blood sweat & tears
they arent joking!!!
but you do have to take yourself out of the equation once and a while
slow your roll
and look at how far you have come
soak it up and be proud of yourself

some of my friends from high school
already have beautiful families,
some are doctors,
some are struggling, but REACHING for what they want for their lives
be grateful for what you have and where you are
know that you deserve all the beautiful things life has to offer
you have to trust & believe in yourself
no one can do it for you

once you start tapping into the brilliance that is your own personal power
people will notice, they will be drawn to you
things will start to happen
the trick is, that you cannot look/search for your power-
for your strength or your purpose
you have to BE
and get lost in everyday's elegance and possibility
laugh at the curve balls that are thrown your way
pick yourself up and flip em the bird
but dont ever make excuses for yourself
you are the only one that can choose what you want for your life
and you do HAVE THE CHOICE
where you are today, is due to choices you have made
and as they say in VANILLA SKY
"every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around"

like the movie SLIDING DOORS
on decision can change your life
if you follow your heart, it will be the "right" one

listen to your intuition
love from as deep inside of you as you can
speak your mind
have compassion
and reach of the mother f#%*in stars ladies & gents


be thankful to be here and now

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