Tuesday, September 28, 2010

let's have some ME TIME


there are so many beautiful things in the world that i am yet to see
i have recently learned how excited i am to experience these unknown wonders

this past year has been filled with many things
mostly growth, pain, love, lessons & self realization

i am thankful for every second,
though i may not have appreciated them at that time

i work hard, so i can achieve what i have dreamt for myself
i have never been one to settle
i have never been a person that is conformable with mediocrity
but i am a person that works toward self fulfillment
to prove to myself, first and foremost that i can do anything

my family is my world
although they may not realize it daily
i am so thankful to have them

my parents have allowed me so many opportunities,
given me so many incredible gifts
and for that i am forever indebted

my sister: my polar opposite
reminds me that pretty regularly
she brings laughter and frustration to my life
two things one cannot & should not live without
you couldnt be frustrated with something you did not care deeply about

my brother: so god damn stubborn and extremely strong
i hope he knows how special he really is
how i admire him for being so brilliant,
you too, annoy the shit out of me
with your potential & witt
trust yourself and let what will be.....BE

my chuka: my daily project
always keeps me on my toes
she has helped me through some tremendous times
putting her head on the side of my bed
when all i could do was lay in a pile of tissues
this dog is my light and an incredible pain in my ass

in just one year
i have made friends, lost friends
experienced tragedy
loved unconditionally
moved house, build up my business
made money, LOST MONEY
opened my heart, opened my mind
& WORKED ON my intuition

everyday is a work in progress

we are only dealt what we can handle
the same lesson will reappear until you acknowledge it
when the student is ready the teacher will appear


1. meditate properly
(story to follow)
2. volunteer
3. travel
weekend trips, camping, seeing the world near & far
4. shop more, spend less
5. figure out how to use a curling iron
6. take an ELDOA course
7. study more about different ethnic cooking staples
8. DANCE again
9. let go
10. fall in love.

are you meditating or just sleeping
(with your mouth open)?
on a short flight home from a trip i'd wish to forget
a passenger to my right puts on his headphones
as we are about to take off, he is asked politely to remove them
"they arent plugged in, i am just trying to meditate" he screams over 3 rows of people
gesturing wildly like he is in an in living color skit...."see" pointing to the cord.
the attendant nicely says, we need you to HEAR the announcements

after the announcements, she walks by to prep for take off
"i'll be meditating now so please dont bother me"
he yells over the same, now annoyed passengers to his left
during that 45 minute flight i watch his head bob n'weave
and i myself dodge the drool failing about the lower crevasse of his mouth
OH YA, the elbow slid off the armrest and there were a few whole body spazms

"wow i am really mastering my meditation practice,"
"i felt like i only had my eyes closed for a few minutes"
...............i am pretty sure you were sleeping
mental note
add this to the list of things i would like to forget he said this weekend
BUT i am sure i will never be able too.

you can be taught by anyone you are willing to learn from
with each kiss or flip of the bird
be open and appreciate each experience that you come across

thank you to those that have crossed my path
some of you are magical
some not worth mentioning
and others probably had no idea that you effected me the way you did

stay true to yourself

accept the things you cannot change,
have the courage to change the things that you can
& find the wisdom to know the difference

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