Friday, September 24, 2010

BEST protein powder?


It is the process of enzymatic breakdown of protein,
normally conducted in the GI tract.
Enzymatic hydrolysis can also be performed outside the human body,
and this is how whey protein hydrolysates are processed.
Food-grade enzymes are introduced to whey protein concentrate
or isolate thus reducing the size of the protein molecules, called peptides.

All dietary protein must be reduced (hydrolyzed)
to di and tripeptides, or free form aminos
in order to be absorbed by the body.
If you consume protein that is not hydrolyzed, like
isolates, concentrates, blends, caseins, soy and caseinates,
it must be hydrolyzed in your GI tract .
Whatever protein is not hydrolyzed down
it may not be transported into the blood
for distribution to your muscles and tissues.
It will then travel on into the colon
where it is not absorbed and becomes food for bacteria.

Value of (Proto Whey) Hydrolysates vs concentrate or isolate forms

it is absorbed much faster and more efficiently than whole proteins like casein, egg, collagen or soy.

Your digestive tract is able to absorb most of the protein consumed.

The highly increased levels of di & tripeptides that enter your system ready for immediate absorption may allow your body to retain more (called nitrogen retention) than would be possible if you were consuming dietary protein that required complete digestion.

protein utilization is higher with di and tripeptides because they are handled differently by the liver as well as other tissues, including brain, lung, and kidney.

Proto Whey

Generally athletes know they can't consume protein meals or supplements before training or competing due to the time involved in digestion and the energy it steals from muscles. With Proto Whey, you can load up with energy producing and sustaining protein immediately prior to your athletic activities without worrying about nausea, gas or other issues that may negatively affect your performance

What about individuals with allergies to milk products?

Proto Whey has virtually no allergenic response since the peptides are reduced to di and

tripeptides and micro peptides, which have no capacity to produce allergic response.

and as luck would have it Proto Whey happens to be in one of my favorite bars!

look who's a fan!

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