Sunday, February 19, 2012

granny vs string

Scar Jo famously started LOST IN TRANSLATION in her giant pink underpants

Which poses the questions:
What is sexy?
what is practical?
what is comfy?
i personally always have something between my cheeks, but that's just me. Fabric on fabric is NEVER comfy to me.

Gym goers often have HUGE pantie lines............WTF?

Recently i came across some flat, dry, breathable boyshort-ish T back thongs that work out pretty well. They do still roll a bit on the sides.

How do we feel about the shorts with the undies built in? once again i have no patience for diapers.

I would love to here you opinion of to granny or not to granny. Is it for comfort, is it for coverage. Do you sometimes need a day off from your dental floss? In my case i just freeball. Is that not ladylike to say? Pretty sure I DONT CARE> LET THE MONKEY BREATHE.
Maybe not like Britney, on a night out. But at home in sweats, I am pretty sure all is well.

What is your favorite type of undergarment?
I really want to know. Lounge wear, under NIKE gear, sexiest, best with jeans.
I know you have a long list of what goes with what?
Help a sister out.

i am yet to try a NIKE thong
let's see if i can find a pair or two

well what do you know!

here is an article form WOMEN'S HEALTH
that our very own ELIZABETH BANKS
graces the cover of this month
I have trained Liz for over 4 years 3xs a wk
(when she is not out of town working)
if you have read her article in WH this month
it mentions how much she likes working out on the TRX
the BANKS TRX training sesh
then come in for your 30 min class at ALPHA VENICE
and even purchase your very own Suspension Trainer form the studio
for more information please email all questions to

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