Tuesday, August 9, 2011

to wax or not to WAX

we spend time & energy
choosing what to put into our bodies
how to exercise our bodies
dressing for our body types
enhancing out natural beauty with
hair cuts, makeup, nail polish & SNEAKERS

girls YOU KNOW all about summer shenanigans
we search for he perfect self tanner
sunscreens, bathing suites, pedicures, coverups, flip flops & bathing suites

then comes the question....
to wax or not to wax.

this year i had my first experience with the ripping of wax from my FACE
for those that know me, the joke is on me
i really have no eyebrows, but i wanted to shape em up a bit
though i think now i might be ready for the BIG ONE
do i wax my bikini situation?

thankfully us blondes have thin, light hair
so i am doing a bit of research
what is better for your skin
what lasts longer
what causes more/less razor bumps

there are products out there for
pre wax
post wax
shaving gels
i still use dollar store shampoo, help a sister out
or should i say help a monkey out?

this has helped me for quite sometime now, but i think i am ready for a change

shaving just gets the surface of the hair
waxing removes the whole follicle
waxing last longer

Redness and irritation - Most people undergoing waxing develop some skin redness and irritation immediately after waxing. This skin irritation resolves easily with the application of ice packs or cold compresses for a few minutes after waxing.

Reddish bumps, skin rash or minor subcutaneous bleeding - This can occur in persons with extremely sensitive skin and also after waxing more vulnerable body parts like bikini area

Skin burns and darkening - Waxing, done using overheated wax, has a high risk of causing skin burns and darkening. Reddish-brown spots of post-inflammatory pigmentation may appear on the skin due to application of overheated wax, which may take anywhere from a few weeks to a year to fade, depending on individual skin.

Allergic reactions - An allergic reaction can occur in people allergic to wax products. This may consist of folliculitis which is an inflammation of the hair follicles, or a severe rash. Some people may even develop pustules in the waxed area if the skin is overtly sensitive. If any such reaction occurs, you should visit a doctor immediately for appropriate advice and medication. For this reason, you are advised to do a patch test of wax on your skin before waxing for the first time

Ingrown hairs - Ingrown hairs may develop after frequent waxing

Skin infection - Rarely, skin infection can occur due to unclean or infected products or materials used for waxing. Diabetics should avoid waxing as they are much more susceptible to develop skin infections, especially by resistant and deadlier bacteria.
it might just be me, but i dont what to look like that in my little american apparel shorts

i need my girls help here...what do you recommend
how long do you have to wait before going for the first time
where do you recommend going
how long before i want to wear my suite can i rip things form my body?