Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my top WHOLE FOODS picks


Back to Nature gluten free rice thin crackers

south african dried mango

Arctic Zero "ice cream"

shredded rice cheese

corn tortillaS

raw hummus with pine nuts

beet burger

sesame tofu

pre cooked artichokes

fresh made guacamole

i always tell my clients,
the ones with all the excuse
"i was on the road" "there was no other option"
"i forgot to bring my bar"
and fast food was their only option
.......there are grocery stores EVERYWHERE!

almost ALL grocery stores have a freshly prepared deli section
they have grilled chicken breasts
different deli side options
plain deli meats & cheeses
salads ect
you can grab meat/protein
& a banana or some grapes.

grab a box of crackers some guac & a few tofu sticks
dont forget your napkin :)

i like dairy free & gluten free
but choosing those options doesnt mean food tastes like cardboard
you just need to know what to look for

i eat crackers, breads, faux ice cream, non dairy butter, dark chocolate, & burritos like everyone else....but with my own twist
they are just prepared differently than yours are

these basic foods are great to have on hand at home to create quick healthy meals

if you want recipe options just HOLLER

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