Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fuel for your fire

our ultimate concern is the touchstone we turn to over & over again,
the thread that we reach for to convey a sense of meaning in our lives.
it is the glue that connects the disparate,
the frame that gives shape to the picture of our experiences.
we turn to our ultimate concern when afraid, or bewildered,
or when we don't quite know who we are anymore.
we turn urgently toward our ultimate concern
to give us context when we are shaken by loss or the threat of loss;
we turn there quietly when something we want disappoints us or begins to fade away.

whatever causes us to search, we search, we have a fire in us that keeps us going
what is yours?

do you recognize the pain, in your struggle
can you remove the emotional stresses placed on these experiences?
acknowledgement will bring you back to your ultimate concern
seek the fire in your deepest moments of suffering

mine is HARD WORK, being an athlete, taking my body to the edge
because i have that fire i can harness it into being a leader

i have turned into that mentor that i always admired
the way i have done that is not getting lost in my despair
not listening to those that have said it's too hard, or that it's impossible
my ultimate concern is the well being of the energy in each of us
replacing that self doubt with drive & happiness

i got here by getting lost in myself
taking steps, new steps every day
not worrying about anyone else
what they thought, what they've done, who's "better"
i fell in love with myself working & learning
i shine brighter not knowing what tomorrow will bring
but being open to the challenge
i am not scared
i spent too much time being scared, it isn't worth it
what is the only thing we have to fear TEDDY ROOSEVELT?
i believe it was FEAR ITSELF

for those before me that didn't/don't encourage wide eyed dreamers
i say this
it wasn't impossible, it was unthinkable for you
well guess what
find something else that is impossible.......& i will find a way

to those dreamers that share my desire to live
shine brightly & the rays will catch the attention of like minded spirits
share your joy in each question about tomorrow
you will get there, I KNOW YOU WILL
put in the time, the work
along with the blood sweat & tears
everything you want for your life will come to you
as long as you aren't sitting around waiting

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