Saturday, August 27, 2011

LOW DOWN on the cow product situation

some hear that they should be eating dairy,
while others offer contradictory information
here is MY scoop

clean non processed dairy is ok
though everyone has different digestive systems
it all depends on the enzymes that are secreted

greek yogurt is great for the GI tract, & "the monkey" as i call it.
this is due to active cultures/probiotics that aid the healing & health of our tum tums

dairy tends to be very clogging so i dont recommend it everyday.
if you have a cold, or a body that tends to be sensitive to're a mucusy mess
OBVIOUSLY steer clear
the only way you will know, is by listening to your body

the calcium from dairy is good for your bones,
but MILK is not the only thing on the planet that supplies us with our daily calcium intake
we can also get our fix from supplements esp if we are lactose intolerant.

sesame seeds
brazil nuts
greens such as
turnip, mustard, dandelion, collards & kale
also pack a calcium punch

to my clients i say,
i would rather greek yogurt instead of regular grocery store yogurt
organic ANYTHING is better, plus everything that is mass marketed
& targets consumers, i can guarantee, is
LOADED with sugar.
sugar has a chemical reaction in the brain that causes us to crave it, and
therefore, buy more of it
yes ladies & gents: that is they way our country works
make money, don't give a damn about wellness

if you have seen a mainstream product that has been marketed like crazy,
chances are its dangerously addicting
the only one that i can think of off the top of my head
that this is NOT true for is KASHI
i always see & love the kashi commercials
they are clean & great for you
you want to eat fresh foods as much a possible
on the go when you reach for something packaged
make sure the ingredient are pronounceable
that's how you know you are in the clear

yogurts to stay away from
dannon & yoplait -whipps
taste so good with their 22g of sugar

recommended yogurt brands
brown cow-greek
nancy's organic

keifer is a great source of probiotics
& is a fantastic substitute
for milk or yogurt

to substitute milk on the regs use
almond milk
rice milk
soy milk
coconut milk
all of which also have faux cheese options

if you need that dairy fix,
reach for clean unprocessed goodness
along with lots of water
and dont make a habit of it!
esp the yummy non dairy ice creams :)

it isnt the dairy that is bad, it is what happens to it
between leaving the animal's body until it reaches you

just food for thought

may your mucus be minimal,
may the sugar you intake be minute
& non habit forming

may you live long happy lives full of calcium & comfy tummies

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