Monday, November 8, 2010

you ARE what you eat

foods that you ingest dictate your well being,
but they also play a huge part in how your skin behaves

your skin is the largest organ in your body
to take that even further, it is an organ of elimination
all the toxins that we consume or come in contact with on a daily basis wither touch, pass through or stay in/on/beneath your skin

sit with that for a second

a client of mine asked me about how he can make is skin clear up
but he was adamant about not wanting to stop smoking

well...i dont want to get skin cancer but i love being in the sun

.....bring junk into the body, it has to escape somehow!
irritants can effect your skin and become visible as they attempt exit the body
if you have a condition, you know that there are certain triggers
or specific foods you must stay away from

animal fats
citrus fruits
highly spicey foods
dairy products

it takes at LEAST 4 weeks to tell if a substance is the cause of a break out
this is how long a food can take to COMPLETELY be removed form the body

other reasons for skin irritation are
Vit A or Vot C deficiency
even low levels of zinc
(low levels of zinc can be the cause of stretch marks during pregnancy)

if you want to take the necessary steps to heal your skin
make sure you get plenty of antioxidants

pumpkin seeds
diuretic foods - dandelion & grapes

the omegas in fish are highly beneficial to your outer sheath

of course
always wear sunscreen,
use gentle paraben free cleansers & lotions
& drinks LOTS OF WATER

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