Sunday, November 21, 2010



i arrived friday night to the lovely

this weekend trip was planned to spend time with my adopted dad for his 60th birthday!

Friday we headed out to his favorite place
dinner at

"I stumbled across this somewhat mysterious eatery almost by accident and it turned into the surprise of the year."

- Jerry Shriver, USA TODAY, Food and Wine Review -

fantastic food, special treatment
and singing for Rook!

saturday morning after a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel restaurant

Nel Centro

off to do some cardio & read at 24 hour fitness

ordered some room service & lounged for a bit.
these hotel rooms are beautiful.
very simplistic and clean.
the bed was so comfy, all i wanted to do was snuggle :(
with MYSELF....never mind not as fun

that night, in my not so warm attire we talked to two blocks to the CLUB, where sandy planned this phenomenal evening for her husband.

THERE the party began
black jack
and craps

jazz music
and laughs
old friends/new friends
and family

what a great time
or as Rook would say, "oh, how fun"
i am so blessed to have become a part of this family
they mean so much to me

for his birthday i got us 2 tickets to the Trailblazer/Celtics game in Janurary
coming back up to take him

ALSO found out that we are able to get FREE box seat tickets
to the Lakers Trailblazer Game in Feb

last day here

went for a morning stroll in the 34 degree weather

of course had to see the NIKE store

got some peppermint tea
and continued on to see the sites

one of my favorite things about
being up here
is the seasonal difference from southern california

i couldnt get enough of the colored leaves
the reds

i love the layering of clothes
and sweaters

it is so great to walk around
or use the trams

to me....
this city is a newer/smaller/cleaner/greener
version of NYC

before i jump on a plane to head home, i might get some Christmas Shopping done in Bridgeport Village...then back to reality

see you all on monday
if not
have a happy thanksgiving
and will see you monday the 29th!

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