Friday, November 19, 2010

30 min workouts

"Our bodies are responsive to exercise on a continuum, not on a time-based threshold," says Ross, the American Council on Exercise's 2006 Personal Trainer of the Year. "An effective workout can be had in any amount of time, given how you manipulate the variables of the workout."

My theory behind 30 mins at ALpha Sport LA:

you are in, butt kicked, you are out and on your way home before you know what hit cha
with 1 hour sessions there tends to be lag time
stall time
even chatting time

non o'dat flies in my class

we keep your heart rate up
and work on your muscle endurance

all different ages
and fitness levels per class

what is required of you is your attention
and desire to work HARD

no matter who you are
or what type of shape you are in
EVERYONE can benefit form
30 mins of exercise

walk the dog
do a yoga dvd
set up a weekend work out buddy system
use the wii for goodness sake


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