Friday, July 30, 2010


i dont know about you but i sometimes want to be a human
you can be healthy
in shape
and occasionally treat yourself

my advice, treat yourself without going over board
lets take a look at exhibit A
i am assuming you can tell that mine in the one on the right :)
(the one one the left went straight to his ankles)

if you've been on a strict diet all week long and you've been doing it consistently for a period of months, then allowing yourself to have a cheat meal can actually do more good than harm.

Most competitors will notice that they look better the day after the contest
that the celebration meal of pizza, pasta, sushi & desserts has DONE A BODY GOOD

When you increase your calories and add foods that you've been restricting for a long period of time (fats and carbohydrates), this can actually speed up your metabolism and make you look leaner - it's like telling your body, "We're not starving anymore; it's safe to start burning more calories now." An occasional "cheat meal" make you look leaner, & your glycogen levels will increase from the all extra carbohydrates you take in.

so jump into that CHEAT MEAL with both feet
1. same size portion as you would normally eat
EX:you can have pizza but dont have a full pie
EX:you can have dessert, just not the whole cake


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