Thursday, July 1, 2010

WORKOUT 1 leavin on a jet plane.....keep it up!


i will blog three different work outs for you guys while i am gone
this way you can get three in and cardio on your own
get outside and enjoy summer.....


Santa Monica STAIRS!!!!

warm up with two full sets
(skipping....every other stair on the way up)

band row 20
band over head triceps 15
bicycle crunches 60
v sit twisting crunches 30
10 full sit ups hand beh1nd your head
(too hard cross then over your chest)

1 full set on the stairs
(skipping....every other stair on the way up)

push ups 15 knees (ladies) 20 full (men) no arching!
band bi curls 20
(single leg stance if double creates too much resistance)
band lateral raise 15 (single option as well)

2 full sets of stairs
alternation walking up sideways
(1 min lead rt hip 1 min left hip repeat)

rotator cuff W 10
inside arm pull in 15
outide arm pull out 15
opposite side
inside arm pull in 15
outide arm pull out 15

last set of stairs how every you can get them done!
if you have need problems please do not run.

for my warriors
REPEAT......yup DO IT

big arm circles back open up your chest
quad stretch
hamstring stretch
tricep stretch
seated hip stretch

just to get a full body pump going

email/call me with any/all questions
more workouts to come
get that cardio in!

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