Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 2 - Things you learn while drinking coffee

Time: 730 AM
Place: Flake (Venice, CA)
Mood: sleepy

As the binding of my text book creeks open, i folder over another page

Nile River.....double blink to lubricate the dry contacts
Mesopotamia.....blah blah blah sip coffee
Hammurabi's Code of Laws......scratch nose, re adjust seated position

The Egyptian Specialist Iri AKA Shephard of the Anus (now i am awake)
AKA Keeper of the Bottom (now there is coffee coming out of my nose)

...he held a place of honor among court physicians.....referred to as the first proctologist, the Keeper of the Royal Rectum


There have been many occasions.....more than i would like to admit that my clients have asked me....
"how often is too often to have a colonic?"
-insert witty comment of choice

Through the years i have heard all types of answers for that question.
My first answer would be,"only when necessary"
some say every six months
other prefer once a month.......i myself, did not find it all that exciting
but then again my intestines were on the verge of rupturing and a nurse was grilling me about my religious preference
not a fair experience......
if anyone has a place they can recommend i will go and report back

lets dig a littler deeper (pardon me) says:

Depending on the state of health and condition of the colon, it can take 20 or more colonics to cleanse and restore the colon. It is recommended that you start with four to six sessions, ideally consecutive days, or within a 14 days.

from my research, and in my opinion.....i feel they (colonic in question) can be very beneficial. BUT please remember your body can become dependent if you do/use ANYTHING in excess.

ALLOW ME to be The Keeper of your Bottom!

There are several reasons people feel "backed up". Things like poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, low fiber intake, prescription medication & dehydration can lead to this bloated sluggish feeling. i have just the thing.......

Arbonne's SeaSource Detox Spa 7-Day Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement
One of the ONLY cleanses i support
You eat reasonably while cutting out sugar, caffeine & alcohol for 7 days
This leaves you with a clean slate to expand your nutritional possibilities

who's with me?

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