Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DAY 1 nobody likes a pooch

Welcome to AlphaWHAT?

my life is a non-stop WHAT?
who does that happened to?
when did you meet them?
how are you doing that?
why would you try this?
where do you find the time?

and finally the question i so often ask myself.................

how did i end up here?

i love where i live, what i do, and am blessed to have a handful of very close friends and family that support my every move.
ON TOP OF THAT, there are several hundred of handfuls that contribute great things to my life on a daily basis.....and for that I am thankful.

today and everyday i am determine to learn, grown and experience something that makes each day stand out. i might not do it like YOU, but i do it.

Keep up with me and i am sure to make you laugh, cry, drop your jaw and occasionally,"WHAT?" out loud.

"dont stress the small stuff"

#1 thing to work on today 2.23.2010
you can makes things happen, but no faster then they can happen
if they are worth doing, they should be enjoyable
stress makes my pooch stick out.....nobody likes a pooch

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