Friday, March 6, 2015

Summer in March?!

86 degrees in March in SOCAL

No matter what time of year, keep yourself in shape.
Take the time to train your body, clam your mind and nourish yourself properly.

I know that not everyone lives in CA: ETERNAL SUMMER, but healthy should be a lifestyle.
The continual flip flopping of in season off season is not great for your metabolism.
People that crash diet to lose weight for vacation end up eating a ton. Then they return without fitting into any of their clothes.  That doesn't feel good on the outside or the inside.  

Lets focus on self respect and self control.
Retrain your brain to want things that are good for you.
Be aware of recovery and allowing yourself to live a little without falling off track.

Confidence comes from self love, self love can be attained by listening to you intuition, your body & ME.  Let me guide you to a healthier day at a time.
Be proud of yourself for staying consistent.
Look forward to your healthier options


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