Wednesday, March 11, 2015


We are in charge of our own happiness.
No one can give it,
or take it away.

What makes you SOAR?
Each one of us finds our own piece of heaven on earth.
That feeling that you get as though you are lifting off the ground.
For me, it is CREATING.
When my brain is working and bringing ideas to life.
The concept that we can change our path in a spilt second makes me feel ALIVE.

How do you hold onto that feeling?
How do we lengthen those moments?

Look for the beauty in the in between moments.
If the everyday things, the common things, that we take for granted
become special, become things worth noticing,
imagine how much higher the joys will be.
There can be less time/space between the incredible moments of gratitude.

Jump at the opportunity for optimism.
 Do you choose cloudiness or clarity?
My head may be in the clouds, but I want my intentions to be CRYSTAL CLEAR.

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