Tuesday, September 2, 2014

dried fruit vs fresh fruit


                        YOU DECIDE! 

All fruits have a form of antioxidants and fiber, which keep your immune system strong.
Fresh fruits/Dried fruits if not labeled organic can contain pesticides or even be genetically modified.

Fresh fruits also contains water, which can help hydrate your body. 

Fresh fruits have fewer calories per serving because of the water content.

Dried fruit can be made by chemically by adding preservatives 
          -Sulfur dioxide will reduce certain vitamin content 
Dried fruits can also be made by high heating that can cause it to lose nutrients. 

Keep your eyes peeled for added preservatives, colors & flavors.

Dried fruit will at times have added sugar which down grads the nutritional value

BASICALLY, if you tend to go for dried fruit you want to look at the label.   
First, make sure it is organic, which implies proper soil & no pesticides.  
If there are more than 3 things listed in the ingredients it has a high amount of added preservatives.
 And lastly, NO ADDED SUGAR!
Please limit your portion since the natural sugar content as well as calories are higher per serving.  

SIDE NOTE: have you ever wondered how many sweet potatoes it takes to make 
your portion of fries? if we were to sit 2 full potatoes in front of you I am sure you would opt out. 

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