Sunday, September 21, 2014

CHEW your food

To chew ones food more properly will relieve many problems that tend to occur down the line

"Of the 10 top-selling drugs in there United States, 3 are specifically for indigestion & heartburn."
A fact stated in Dr Mao Shing Ni's book ; The Secrets of Longevity.

Where does digestion begin? In the mouth, yes that's right. Digestion starts with chewing & enzymes in the saliva                                
if you eat while distracted
if you overeat
if you eat foods you cannot digest
if you combine the wrong foods
if you under eat
if you eat too fast and don't chew enough
                               can/will have tummy problems.

There is a personal balance that you must explore.  Listen to your body.  How do you feel after eating certain foods? Do you notice an upset stomach when you have rushed? How do you feel in the morning after a huge dinner? Are you better throughout the day when you eat breakfast in the morning?

People ask me how I knew I had a gluten listening.
If your well-being is important to you, you can take the time and SLOW DOWN to find out what works for you.......and your tum tim.

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