Friday, April 27, 2012

what we attract

if someone says they arent good enough for you, BELIEVE THEM

if you believe you will lose you will lose, if you believe you will win........

now imagine the energy you put into your work.  
how many hours are you at your job?
now how many of those hours are you ACTUALLY working?
are you one of those people that go through the motions?
IMAGINE how productive you could/would be if you did what you LOVED everyday.
hours turn into minutes & you cannot get enough, the ideas pour out of you.
IMAGINE what that would do for your life?

take that as step farther & understand that we attract mirror images of ourselves.
it is magnetic for our energy.
learning form what we see in others,
understanding that we ourselves need to work on the same aspects.
if  someone says i am not good enough for you and you stay, 
you clearly do not believe that you deserve the best.
why do we hold ourselves back?

you deserve to do what you love............
to get lost in your days, fill up on positive thoughts & excitement!
share the parts of yourself that come naturally with the world,
 & be willing to learn about the things that don't.
once you get there, 
be open to teaching as much as learning.

over lunch about a week ago, i was RE-inspired.
to hear someone talk as candidly about their own business was amazing. 
these conversations become positive triggers for me.
to learn & adapt to whatever life throws at me.
to keep getting bigger & better!
i want to be that sponge what absorbs all the information & lessons each person takes form their personal experiences.

IT IS empowering to make a change for yourself.
to be able to step back & say "WOW,i made this happen for myself"
no one & nothing can take that away.

be willing to eat, sleep & breathe your passion.
understand yourself enough to know that this is what you want,
& grab life BY THE BALLS.

know when to say no
know when to ask for help
know when enough is enough

love others
before you judge them

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