Thursday, April 12, 2012

STRONG (influential) WOMEN

I love when I hear that women in the public eye what to use there power to help others.
To spread the knowledge that we are not alone.
You are not alone in feeling or experiencing something dark or embarrassing.
I tremendously admire when those use the spotlight to reach out to girls just like themselves that struggle.
A sturggule of any kind. The human struggle is that of self image, confidence & of course, security in their life's path

Once topics are open for discussion,
it makes it easier for people to ask questions.
Young athletes need positive role models.
Not only role models with squeaky clean images,
both women that have had experiences & triumphed.
Learned though achievement & perseverance.

"In The Water They Can't See You Cry "

The name speaks for itself...
I am SO looking forward to sitting down with this book!
Just by reading the blurb from the Huffington Post
I already see myself in her.
The competitive dancer in me is right next to her,
feeling those feelings, thinking those thoughts.
Even having those team mate's parents rip me apart.

ATTN GIRLS: young women, athletes, mothers, mothers of athletes PLEASE READ THIS BOOK

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