Monday, January 9, 2012

the devil inside

you know that little voice that tells you that you are hungry when you are most definitely not?

ya...hate it!

this is pure habit
do you find yourself walking over to the fridge & opening it several times a day for no reason?
this will prove to you that you are EITHER....

A. Bored
B. Emotional
C. Have a tape worm or

eating gives us something to do
and we most definatly EAT OUR FEELINGS
here are some helpful tips to keep your lips sealed

I MEAN....
1. Drink 8oz of water

2. Wait - esp if you have just eaten
your body takes at least 15-20 until it knows whether you have had your fill or not. Allow your tummy time to catch up with your greed...i mean your eyes.

3. Stretch

4. Go for a walk

5. Crunches - do crunches every time you want to eat something that is NOT a meal.....that will get you really ripped

6. Stop associating TV or MOVIES with food. Sit, watch & enjoy. That is the time to NOT multitask.

7. I've heard, that doing something with your hands will distract you, but i dont knit, so maybe twiddling your thumbs? sign language? animal hands are pretty fun

8. Brush your teeth


10. Figure out your triggers - if you know what they are, then you can stay away from them

please understand that we all do this
jus tlisten to your intuition
not your tummy
not your brain
not the scale
feed yourself cleanly & in proper portions
drink LOADS of water
sip tea
get outside & put your toes in the grass
if you happen to be as lucky as we los angelenos
stick those tootsies into the big blue

nighty night

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