Saturday, February 12, 2011



i picked it up for the Chukster-----my dog, Chuka Do: The Gator Dog

she has a severe case of the itchies :(

allergies is what i am told

"does this shot make my nose look big?"

silver protein is in a sense cod liver oil
it can be used topically on itches, rashes & burns to soothe
it can also be ingested

can be used to treat all the following conditions: general infections, thrush, common colds (including flu), viral infections, Staph infections, E. Coli infections, intestinal infections, sinus infections, leukaemia, HIV, Lyme's disease, herpes, gingivitis, vaginal infection, food poisoning and skin wounds or disorders. A complete table of the uses and doses of silver used to fight infection is available.

Silver Protein is a safe, natural antibiotic that acts as an all-round, wide-ranging, germ-killer.

For oral use, take 1/4 ounce 3-times daily by rinsing the mouth and swallowing. Do not use for longer than 7 days without your physician's advice.

For topical infection, apply either the gel or the cream liberally with a cotton swab 3 times daily. Do not use for longer than 7 days without your physician's advice. The gel tends to stay on the surface of the skin, acting like a thin glove-like protective layer, the cream penetrates the skin and is absorbed. Therefore, the gel should be considered for preventative purposes and the cream for when an infection is present.

For mouth and throat infections, the spray can be applied (each spray is 22.5mcg) several times a day to the affected area. Do not use for longer than 7-days without your physician's advice.

For the common cold, take MSP immediately at the onset of the cold (it is not effective once the cold has set in). However, Oral MSP is effective with most flu varieties after the flu has set in. In both cases, Oral MSP works better if taken as a preventive, or at the very first signs of symptoms.

For cuts, bruises or scrapes, topical MSP will ensure that the wound heals much faster and help prevent further infection.

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