Monday, February 28, 2011

positive reinforcement

In an email this morning I was given an amazing compliment that changed my day:

"So love your energy, drive, and gentleness."

which brings me to the book on tape that i have been listening to in my truck
(due to so many readings in progress at home, i have taken to listening to others in my "spare time")

by the master himself, Russell Simmons

the opening really hit home for me
it was along the lines of.......

"treat others the way you yourself wish to be treated"
.......but in the career/business sense

we all have those friends that say,
"why doesnt that happen to me"
"how come THEY get these opportunities, and not ME."

THE ENERGY you put in, will be mirrored back to you

if you are angry and approach people in an entitled way
you will get a negative & defensive response

if you constantly put love & light into your every action
good things will come you way
people will notice your glow
they will be drawn to you
you will get what you have always wanted
- when you're not looking for it at all

you will not realized you have reached the top because you are fully inthralled in the climb

you are not out to beat anyone, it is not a competition
you are not out to reach a certain $dollar$ amount on your paycheck
you are into the feeling you get from doing what you love

you are genuinely happy

what i, and everyone needs to acknowledge
is that we only hear about or see the final product, the fame,
the outcome of the hard work
there have been baby steps that have been taken, that go unnoticed by the public
the climb is the most important part
if you arent willing to put in the blood sweat & tears
you are more than likely never gonna get there


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