Friday, February 11, 2011

cortisol....what a bitch

was thinking that i was feeling a bit thick around the middle
must be about that time of the month
check my calender

turns out to only be cortisol

SORRY BOYS....this one would normally be GIRLS ONLY
but stress play a huge role in high blood pressure & heart disease

the hormone cortisol is secreted by the adrenals......... responsible for regulating glucose metabolism, blood pressure, insulin release, immune function & inflammatory response.
usually a reaction to the fight or flight response.

higher, more prolonged levels of this hormone in the bloods stream leads to
suppressed thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances, decrease bone density & muscle tissue
high blood pressure, lower immunity & what do ya know...INCREASED ABDOMINAL FAT (high fives all around)

the reason for the longevity of the cortisol
is that there is no relaxation period after the initial response

in turn, blaming my period was quite inaccurate
i was just being a bitch :)

no no no....wait, i can blame it on the cortisol

could it be possible that a week will come that i have both?!

apologizing in ADVANCE
its not me
my pooch is taking over!

how do we solve this world wide phenomenon we call PMS?
in men's case STRESS?

breathing techniques
listening to music
and sex

cough..........might i recommend all at once

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