Tuesday, October 29, 2013

what happens in the muscle

ok ok
so absurdly i watched a video from a new gym in Santa Monica
during this promo, an "instructor" that clearly has no idea what she is talking about
tried to explain why jumping in those space boots is good of you
(insert so kind of hysterical line here.......oh wait i dont need to)

when you have someone promote a product make sure they actually have
people regurgitating information vs people actually comprehend it

i believe the line was
"they help lymphatic acid detox"

now lymphatic drainage is detoxing
lactic acid builds up in the muscle when working out
the detox part not too sure

when you recruit muscle fibers to use their source of ATP
the end result from pyruvic acid is LACTIC ACID
stretching, massage & recovery will diminish this, or help recirculate

jumpin up and down can, yes be a source of spreading it around
but if you are & have been jumping on your legs the intire class
the muscles required to jump are still effected by this ACID

the same thing goes for LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE
but lymph is not build up doing a workout
lymph is the gunk that is sent to your glands to be circulated out of the bod
this is why when you are sick your glands are swollen
more crapola in your system
massage, rest & slight vibration will help push this all out

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