Thursday, October 24, 2013

refined SUGAR or a SMARTER alternative

refined vs au natural

anything is at its best in its purest state
the refining process strips things down & in some cases adds unneeded ingredients

your body will sometimes crave sweets
what you need to understand is that is does NOT crave an entire cake
your blood sugar requires things to bring it back up into balance
if your diet is low in carbs this tends to be the case....carbohydrates are sugars/energy
if you are not intaking enough water you might be a salty craver, since salt will hold onto existing water
either way you can learn why if you listen to your cravings
when your diet is balanced & healthy you will not crave as frequently

BUT if on occasion you have the sweet toothed devil on your shoulder.....
satisfy 'em
have something, a bite or two
a healthy life, does not mean a life of deprivation

this is how the ALPHA SWEETS concept came about
allowing a taste of sweet without the regret, without the tummy ache from foreign in "unhealthy" foods
proper portion sizes, natural sweeteners & incredibly satisfying flavors.

AGAVE- has been intriguing to me, but even though it is sweeter to the taste, it has quite a few more calories then the alternatives I use.

COCONUT SUGAR - lowest calorically, not too sweet, just right

MAPLE SYRUP - 400 calories per 1/2 cup which is usually the serving I use per batch MAX.  Meaning it only ads about 30 calories per sweet.  This is acceptable for VEGANS as well

HONEY - just as sweet as maple syrup but not quite as satisfying in my option and is not accepted by many VEGANS

too much sugar can damage your heart,
it (obviously) promotes belly fat,
will increase bloods sugar spikes that can & will lead to diabetes

sugar feeds the production of bacteria & yeast in the body
causing colds, infections & disease
isn't that what life is all about?
pure foods

web site coming soon  


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