Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TRX training WHY & HOW

TRX - Total body Resistance eXercise

A proprietary exercise modality that simultaneously builds strength, balance, flexibility & mobility.  The suspension trainer is a functional training apparatus. It is categorized by a single anchor point using one hand or foot with the opposing part of the body in contact with the ground.  Designed to use only your bodyweight & gravity to work your core during any/every exercise that you could/would do in a seat position on a machine.  It gets you up & moving so you can functionally execute your day to day demands. The TRX Suspension trainer will get your grandma, your spouse, your kids & pro athletes a run for their money while providing appropriate programing for their own specific needs.

5 reasons you need a TRX

1. Stand up to train - studies show that the AVERAGE person with a desk job sits for over 20 hours a day. Why would you want to go to the gym and sit on a machine?

2. All core all the time - due to the instability of being suspended, your core musculature is consistently working to support & stabilize.

3. Body specific & unilateral movements - using the suspension trainer will increase your awareness of the different planes of motion.  When using traditional gym equipment, we are forced to move with the machine's mechanics.  Most machines only function using the sagital plane. As a trainer we know that no two bodies are a like.  We also know that LIFE happens in ALL PLANES of movement. There are many factors that contribute to a persons ability.  Limitations/restrictions can be genetic, caused by injury, or our environmental.  How can we all possibly require the same range of motion?

4. All Levels - plenty of room for improvement.  When using the TRX suspension trainer with clients, we teach them the principals of progression.  The resistance of any given movement depends on the placement of your body in relation to the anchor point.  I can have a 63 year old woman in the same class as a Pro Athlete (which has happened before).  They can both execute the same exercises, BUT at at a different vector resistance. We all have different goals, limitations & needs.  We can all work the same muscles at varied intensities due to the progression & regression options that this technique of training offers.

5. Versatility - fitness anywhere - NO EXCUSES. This lightweight compact apparatus can be used indoors or outdoors. They are found in gyms, in offices, hotel rooms, yoga studios, living rooms as well as at parks, beaches, on boats, in submarines, at the top of a mountains ANYWHERE. It even fits nicely into your carry on bag!


 leg swings

 arm circles

 walk out to plank

 side shuffle

 step back lunge, reach & stretch
(always reaching up & over the front leg)

chest press - for better range of motion fully extend your suspension trainer
1st demonstrated exercise

wood chop


4 point cone single leg hops

mountain climbers  

curtsey lunge to lateral raise

suspended pushup - for better range of motion fully extend your suspension trainer
2nd demonstrated exercise

dumbbell squat to overhead press 

w delt fly 


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