Saturday, June 1, 2013


"where are you girls from BOOTYLAND?" 
asked Bruce Buffer, 
to my sister & I as we walked up in our short shorts.

the answer is NO, since coming back from Brazil, 
I know that we DO NOT come from bootyland
BUT we can pretend cant we?
how do you ask?
by making sure your glutes are FIRING!

one of the most common things you will here in my studio is
the reason for this is simple
if you arent using the muscle it isnt benefiting from the exerices
since all of these barre studios are popping up all over the place
i am seeing an influx of tooshie tucking
the ballet butt squeeze
the upward pelic tilt that yes engages your abs but does nothing for your cheeks in that moment
 but dimple them

to explain further: i do not mean to exaggerate an anterior tilt
but the reason i say to stick it out
gets clients out of the habit of tucking
and USUALLY brings them back to neutral

in order to use your derriere
you must recognize the what it feels like when it ignights
let's try a little experiment shall we?

standing up straight
slightly bend your knees as though you are about to sit into a chair
then dig your heals into the ground as hard as you can
without sabotaging your posture 
transfere a majority of your weight from your toes onto your heals
feel the backs of your legs tighten? stabilize you?

you can also do this laying on your back on the floor
place your feet on the ground like you are about to do a traditional gym class style sit up
lay your arms on the ground at your sides, palms up
lift all ten toes (if you have them all) off the floor keeping just your heals on the ground
this is the starting position
all you are going to do NOW
is lift your hips has highly as you can toward the ceiling
you will feel your glutes start to activate
if you were to have the whole foot on the ground most people will probably start to feel it in there quads....since we are quad dominate & tend to have more knee injuries due to the lack of glute/hamstring availablity.

speaking of hamstrings keep HOLDING
isometrically (without visible movement) start to imagine that you are pulling your heals in towards your rump. keep can you feel the backs of your legs?

you must first make sure that your glutes fire when doing glute developing exerices
if not, what is the point, right?
all you must do is add some activation exercises to your warm up
AND/OR get into ALPHA & I will show you how it's done!

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