Saturday, June 22, 2013


when you get the urge to snap at someone think of where it is coming from
the same thing goes when you are verbally attacked for no reason

walking chuka the other morning
i launch the full pink polk a dotted doggie do bag into a near by garbage can
suddenly i notice a man screaming obscenities....(not all that unusual in VENICE)
not realizing they are directed at me, we scurry on our way up the boardwalk
the cursing continues & i realize he is calling me every name in the book 
because he was sitting 5 ft form the can i tossed the fresh package.

it's funny, i made sure to throw it in the one that was farthest away from most people
you never know what people are thinking
everything is circumstantial 
the man took me cleaning up after my dog personally, that is unfortunate
i had a thought to turn around apologize & say that there are simpler ways to handle the situation
but them i realized that his potty mouth fit rather nicely up next to a steaming pile of chuka magic

dont take things personally
we all have a lot of things going on in our noggins at all times
the person in front of you has nothing to do with the argument you just had with your boss
or the fact that you are freaking out about how you are going to pay your rent
understand that each person you deal with has their own set of issues, thoughts & problems
be kind
if you happened to be living next to a garbage can, i am the LEAST of your problems #justsayin

stay calm & carry on
*please curb your dog

-momma j

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