Wednesday, May 29, 2013

out with the BAD & in with the GOOD

there are a thousand different lessons that I am learning while reading
"I Will Not Die An UnLived Life" by Dawna Markova
the one that is currently resonating.......

is how our society always focuses on the negative
we assume that in order to progress we need to improve.....
which I believe to be true
what if, now stay with me here, you already possess all that you need to move forward
maybe you just need to rearrange a bit.  
priorities, confidence, as well as other tools that tend to be on your back burner.

at a young age we become blind to our assets & only see our defects.
we are programed to focus on improving by "fixing" what is wrong, 
instead of rewarding what is right.
positive reinforcement will bud confidence & allow your talents to shine through.
by the time we are adults we are incredibly well versed on our limitations, making it easier to use them as a crutch.

 a friend was recently quoted saying, 
"I get frustrated because I am working so hard but the changes I am making are not noticeable, they are all on the inside"
to which I say, the inside you will have for a lifetime on an upward climb to wisdom, the outside will hit a peak & decline.
this I find with my clients, friends & myself to be the biggest challenge of all....

in improving your mental awareness & internal growth the only perception that matters is your own. how funny.....this is why we need to do the internal work in the first place.  to grow is to be proud of yourself & to understand what you are doing is taking action to sooth your soul.  there should be no need for external recognition.  this work will be ever changing & wavering.  be kind to yourself.  As you start becoming your own biggest fan, the world looks a whole lot brighter.

"when any of us are stacked up against our limitations, we are disconnected form our spot of grace"

ask most people what they do WELL there tends to be more of a pause 
then when asked where they falter
emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble
understand what it is that makes u thrive,
find your purpose &; allow the negative or less benefiting things to dissipate

weightless, free & graceful.....

each time we switch from the foot of mastery to the foot of risk it takes a leap of faith, 
the little gasp of the unknown is where god can enter. 
maybe that's were grace comes in.

we can ALWAYS be more prepared or improve before a challenge to move forward, take a breath. just jump. sometimes you have to build our wings on the way down.

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