Thursday, May 2, 2013

I don't eat salt

My mother dearest dumps piles of salt on everything before she tastes it, which drives me CRAY

The recommended daily sodium intake is 
2400 mg
Here is a hint : 1 tsp of salt is equivalent to 2235mg

NEGATIVELY, salt is correlated with-

High blood pressure
Water retention
Heart burn

That being said, if you consume the correct amount of NaCl there are obvious benefits.  Whether it's salin solution or table salt, your body does in fact NEED salt (in moderation).

Hydration requires a balance of electrolytes: sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium.  After exercise it is necessary to replace not only the water lost through perspiration, but the important electrolyte, sodium, as well. Hence 365 Electrolyte water & Gatorade.



On top of all the health altering effects high sodium has on the bod is bloating.  Water retention in itself is annoying as hell, but also leads to other issues. It can be the first sign of other things to come. 

I have seen clients lose 5lbs or more just from removing/lowering their sodium intake.  The main reason for this - pre packaged foods, they require preservatives which almost always include high sodium.  Yet another reason to eat non processed, organic meals....LESS BLOATING. That's enough for me!

Our bodies are fairly intelligent machines.  Do you ever have those days were all you need is something salty? Chips? Pretzels? Popcorn? That is a sure sign that you are not drinking enough water.  Just like our sugar cravings come form a lack of energy/carbohydrates. Your system will let you know when you are running low on supplies.  The trick is beat it to the punch! If not learn to understand your body enough, to know how to properly cure the CRAVING.

"All I want is something salty" cheers to not being the person that says this daily. (it's tiresome) LEARN: By increasing your water & decreasing your salt, you will see a drastic result.  Your desire for a salty crunch will vanish. You will also see a difference in your waistline in just a couple of days!  By balancing clean carbs into your meals, you can wave g'day to your cookie monster alter ego.

Learning to listen to our bodies is the NUMBER 1 lesson to learn in this lifetime.

It can be anything from knowing when you are hungry, 
to understanding a food allergy.
From understanding how your foods effect your REM cycles, 
to acknowledging your intuition.
Being evolved enough to know that sometimes you need a day off,
& sometimes you need to do an evaluation on how the people in your life effect you. 

When we were children, 
learning how to explain what you are feeling is very important
Some of us never learned
Some of us will never learn
But most of us will take the time to work on ourselves
to figure it we can make it easier for our kids
to treat ourselves with love & kindness
allow yourself to have emotional, physical reactions to things.
to put the best foods into our bellies
& surround ourselves with those that make us feel like we deserve only the best
and that is what we want for them in return. 
be there to ask & listen to how someone is feeling
as well as being able to ask someone for help when needed.

Let's make it our mission, 
with the power of love in our hearts
& organic yummies in our tummies:

To change the way the next generation feels about themselves
& how they view the world.



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