Sunday, April 14, 2013

PERCEPTION - smoke & mirrors

where along the path of growing up 
do we decided to be afraid of who we are?
you are allowed to feel what you feel
and you should know how to figure out how you feel

one of the reasons why i love Geenen Roth

"the journey from GOD is the one in which you believe you are what you do, weigh, achieve and so you spend you time attempting to adorn yourself with external measures of worth: a thin body, a big bank account, cool patent leather boots.  Since even thin, rich & famous people get old, have cellulite & die, the journey from GOD ends in disappointment 100% of the time"

nothing is as it seems
celebs/models are NOT all HAPPY!
money, fame & attention cannot fill the void
a void that allowed the time to explore, you would find requires none of these things

why do we drive ourselves crazy
why do we hold ourselves back
why do we need to be more prepared for the next step of our lives
more experienced before we can ask for what it is that we really want
make yourself happy by reaching for what you want, standing up for what you believe

when is the time to take charge of your life
reach for what it is that you deserve due to all your hard work
COMMON ANSWER: not right now, more preparation is required to make everything perfect

NOTHING/NO TIME IS EVER's right now or never

when is a good time to speak up? 
COMMON ANSWER: i dont want to ruffle feathers, so lets not say anything

Geenes's book talks all about the concept of perceived happiness
when i lose weight i will be..........when i am skinny i will be............
i will feel better when my clothes fit differently
what do you do until then? pick ourselves apart? there is an underlying problem that isnt food
why dont your clothes fit properly now
did they at one point or are you like most of the world that will buy something to lose weight for?
there is a reason for overeating, that needs to be delt with instead of just DROPPING THE WEIGHT

every day our appetites are different, our energy levels are different our brain capacity is different, our attention span waivers
stop beat yourself up
be kind & confident

choose to fuel yourself with love, positive reinforcement & courage
life should not be about how a person seems to be,
how they appear to be
but how they ARE, in each moment,
 the choices they make for themselves
to fulfill their happiness, to stay aligned with their morals & standards
make decisions for YOU, not for what 

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