Friday, April 5, 2013

The Reverse Diet Plan

ok ok
SO I know that we all have the best intentions when we wake up.
Breakfast & mid morning, possbily lunch is ON POINT.  clean, portioned & "controlled".
Come mid afternoon, the cravings hit.
Dinner tends to be larger than normal since we have actually held off snacking
The sweet tooth happens to pop into your head while you are still chewing your dinner #WTF

MAYBE IT'S JUST ME (that ends up standing in the kitchen in a pile of crumbs)?

My crumbs tend to be from rice cakes or gluten free ALPHA SWEETS but still....eating for no reason
Why the hell do you think i have a baking business.  CAUSE I WANT SOME!
Let's commit to 2 weeks of flipping the script.  
Eat carbs in the am, and breakfast for dinner.

If you want something to "cheat" in the evening, let it sit til the morning. 
If you still want it, HAVE IT!

I am starting NOW, not Monday, not May 1st NOW.  ANY change worth making should happen in this moment.  YOU are worth it.  Your digestion is worth it. 

Drink a full 8 oz glass of water right before bed.  This might warrant RUBBER SHEETS, but your metabolism will thank you.

My trick happens to be that I MUST workout in the AM, and dont want to be weighed down.  SO I will have my carbs but in a smaller poritions.  If I balance my blood sugar first thing in the morning, there is less of a chance of spiking & cravings which are actially one in the same.  If you are drinking the right amonth of water, you WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT have salt cravings. 
Together CARBS & WATER will cut down on your overeating & bloating issues.

oatmeal, rye toast, potatos BRING EM ON!!!!!
Share with me what your favorite big breakfast is.   I want to try them all!

If you are a person that "isn't hungry in the morning" guess what.  Your metabolism is in the toilet. Start eating within 1 hour of waking up & you will begin to be hungry as you wake up. 

2 weeks people, 2 weeks to revamp your food picker.


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