Thursday, February 28, 2013

dont be scared of HGH

Human Growth Hormore - huge in the anti aging department

I know what you are thinking....STEROIDS.
I am not telling you to TAKE anything.
Your body creates this hormone itself
Some people just feel they need more & want to be super human & shrink their balls....baseballs
We are not going for this jacked up, I cannot scratch my back look
sir, your nipples are pointing to your toes

HGH treatments should only be used if a person has stopped secreting the hormone on there own.
One can stimulate HGH secretion if slowed, through herbal supps, accupuncture, exercise.
Benefits are:
Tissue repair, brain function, bone strength, energy & boosting your metabolism

Whole Body Vibration & HGH
The Power Plate aids in the secretion of synovial fluid in stiff joints, circulation to increases lymphatic drainage AS WELL AS a stimulation to the HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE.  This is why those that work with the Power Plate Vibration regularly will see results more quickly than those that do not.  The reason behind two people doing the same workout, one on the plate, another sans vibrations is that the buzz.  The gentle hum tricks your muscles into believing you are lifting twice your body weight.  The plate does that by making each muscle twitch over 1000 in a 30 second interval without you even noticing.  Those who workout without the plate can get the same results but they will have to load there exercises & work harder. GET IT?
Power Plate is great for flexibility as well as recovery from injuries....HGH: tissue repair

(GABA)GAMMA AMINOBUTYRIC ACID will boost your HGH levels naturally
non essential amino acid found in soy, beans, seafood, yeasts, grains, eggs, nuts & seeds

POINT BEING....after exercise eating these foods will accelerate the stimulation of your HGH to keep you young, allow you to tone that body & keep your mind clear.

Super Models: Joanna Krumpa & Cindy Crawford are avid believers in the Power of the PLATE!

Your body will respond properly to it's own HGH
it will tone you up & keep your brain sharpe
Exercise, Eat Well & you will be on the path to longevity!

Let's burn off that cellulite before we hit the beach shall we?
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  1. Really nice. I want to increase my body. Now I want to take hormone or tips. Have you another site about hgh for sale, Let me know.
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  2. Wow! Really good. I want to increase my body as well to follow step by step. If you know about HGH levels tell me.