Monday, March 4, 2013

I am ME

i am a trend setter
i am a leader.

i am a student
i am a daughter
i am a sister
i am a best friend,

i am a teacher
i am a team mate
i am a colleague. 

i am an entrepreneur, a therapist, a life coach
i am a motivator, a go getter

i am a hard ass
i am a momma bear
i am a snuggler
i am a rock,
i am a lover
i am a control freak
i am a business woman, a brat.

a baker
a book worm
a yogi
a dancer
an athlete 
a nutritionist
a trainer

i am a optimist
i am a pessimist
i am a believer
i am a dreamer,

i am an emotional roller coaster
i am an energetic being, an attention whore

i am a force to be reckoned with, a voice to be heard
i am a light

of all the things that i am, 
i know there is still much more to come
i am learning 
i am building my legacy
i will be legendary.

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