Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mental Awareness Month

there are many things that were considered TABOO during our parent's generation
nowadays, i am thankful that therapy is more accepted & medications are openly discussed
we need to join forces to support those, maybe like ourselves or loved ones that struggle

is it a possibility that multiple people in your life are medicated for a chemical imbalance?
is it also possible that you have no idea?

let's be the change
make it ok to have an open conversation about what creates mental stability & instability
it makes me very sad that some are too afraid to admit their differences 
when in fact, the one they could be withholding from could have the same problem

break the chain
make it ok for our kids to be open & honest about their feelings
be the difference
love yourself
accept yourself
set an example for the NEXT generation to do the same without anger or doubt
be free from judgment & fear that you, yourself are placing on common disorders

as Glen Close says,"Let's end the Stigma around Mental Illness."

this stigma acts as a blockage for those that are ill to seek help.
they feel as if they are not, or will not be deemed worthy of relationships
because they are considered "DIFFERENT",
when in actuality we all have, or know someone that fights the same battles.

let's wish to save lives, to calm nerves, to create an awareness & an acceptance for those that need it the most. set the bar for openness & freedom to be who you TRULY are

There are many ways to work on yourself to balance your energy & moods.
Self help is a beneficial way to find relief.

1. Breath Work
2. Psycho Therapy
3. Yoga - Stretching
4. Exercise
5. Change of Diet
6. Balancing of your Energy
6. Support of friends & family

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