Sunday, December 30, 2012

KNEE Restrictions

Patellar Tendinopathy

AKA overuse - repeated stress on the patellar tendon located over to the top of the knee cap.
stress= tiny little tears or inflammation = pain

this is also know as JUMPER'S KNEE
Common in athletes.....or those that play sports
The cause for this pain comes from improper landing from lay-ups, long jumps or plyometrics

I hear all the time "I have bad, knees so i cant so A, B OR C"  when in fact you WILL be able to do these things once you fix your poor movement patterns.

Usually this is due to:
ROLLING in or out of the feet that throws off the entire 
Kinetic Chain
LACK of both quad & hamstring complex flexibility
INCAPABILITY of eccentrically decelerating 
(slow down; switch from forward motion to a complete stop or change of direction)
HARD surfaces

there are also a lot of weekend warrior "athletes" that dont train
your body is your machine people
an incomprehension of bringing the ol'bod into the shop: tune ups/servicing leads to injury

the more faulty movement patterns are used the more strain/stress is placed on your joint = ouchies

once we rebalance your body through a series of corrective stretching/exercises then pain will no longer be present.  then we reteach the correct muscles to fire at the right time for the right reasons.
not only will you be able to jump but with more power & better results w/added longevity of the muscles, tendons & joints involved.

I do my homework, all you have to do is show up


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