Thursday, November 1, 2012

the importance of HONESTY

to be a woman that always gives others the benefit of the doubt
i tell you, those that require a 3rd or 4th, will always leave you chasing them
you will always be sticking up for their mistakes
it takes the positive light & energy from your heart
these people will move on to someone else to make excuses for them
they will be ok spending there lives lying & juggling those lies
they will always find someone to give them one more chance
so why would you give away your positivity & trust to a person that is taking your generosity for granted?
there are plenty of people that deserve your love.  
they deserve your elegance, intelligence, kindness & attentiveness

i am learning to make better choices
share my time & life lessons with other kind patient people
detach with love
 love without limits when its right
catch myself with the first excuse
notice the red flags when they are waving in my face

i will always carry my head held high
knowing that i have always had the best interest at heart
i have loved beyond my limits 
and will learn with so called friends & mates that everything is not always as it seems

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