Monday, November 19, 2012


this rings true on so many levels
pretending you know what you are doing
generally leads to you learning & actually knowing what you are doing
the spark of excitement to learn!

does it not come from not knowing?
being intrigued by the unknown?

do you make it a priority to challenge yourself?
have you ever noticed how your interests tend to shift with time?
on to the next.........

i have discovered that my drive & dedication to educating myself comes from the fear of being stupid or ignorant.  having said that i have to take a deeper look at my actual interest.  yes, i want to learn about the unknown but what & why do i invest more time in other topics

proving a point it far different than passion

what do you do for survival?
meaning: your source of income?
is it to pay the bills or do you love what you do?

most people become interested (possibly) in their jobs because they have to, for survival
there are a handful of us that happen to LOVE what we get to do everyday & are amazed that we get paid to do so.

ponder that.....necessity or passion?

if necessity, so be it.  BUT do you make time in your life for excitement?
fishing is an example that comes to mind right away, since i listen to way too much country music
if you pay your dues during the week, treat yourself.
what do you do that you can lose yourself in? hours seem like minutes?

for me, my learning & investment in my work tends to overflow into my personal life because i enjoy what i do so much.  NOW i am trying to be more adamant about relaxing into my passions or finding things to indulge in.

the unknown is so exciting.........
none of us like to look like we are the newbie. 
be brave, walk into the unknown & pretend that you know what you are doing until you do! 

HERE IS A LITTLE SECRET: most people don't know what they are doing so it is OK to admit that you are learning.  Everyday is a new lesson if you allow yourself to absorb the discomforts & challenges.

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