Sunday, August 5, 2012

Protect your Kidneys

3am in the ER is not pleasant for anyone
Especially if that person has a dangerous, very painful kidney infection

Kidney is one of the most fragile organs of the body. If you are suffering from kidney infections then you need to be very careful.  There are various causes of kidney infections and if they remain in one's body for a longer period of time it can cause health complications. Whenever any bacteria will be entering into urinary tract and if no proper medication is done then bacteria will start multiplying.

If you start to feel pain in your back then it's way past being a small problem.  if it then starts cramping in your lower abdomen, this is what stones feel like when you are passing them.  if no one tells you this, you may feel like you are becoming septic.  When you body becomes septic you may die.  This happens when your infection gets into your blood stream.  the way the doctor decribed it to me, was that the infection fills your kidneys with puss, basically.  If you dont get an antibiotic in there to start killing the bacterica it will overfow into your blow causing you to be septic.  OH my poor kidneys!

Other symptoms of KIDNEY STONES are bloated tummy, nasuea, fever & the inability to MOVE.

I take better care of my body than most.  But somehow stress always gets the best of me
Prevention vs intervention. I am wondering if stress has played a part in this role. Here is a list of preventative measures to take.

1. Urinate regularly, try no tot hold it
2. Drink lots of water
3. Always visit the potty after a sexual escapade
4. Don't let a bladder infection go unnoticed
5. Shower vs bath.....oils can irritate the urethra

Other causes are usually dehydration & lack of exerise

After my early early early morning visit to the ER in Ocean City, New Jersey I decided to head home a few days early.  I wanted my bed & my puppy.  I rent a car drive back to northern NJ where I would stay until my flight from Laguardia the next morning.  Waking up as dizzy & nauseous as I have could possibly imagine.  As i am unable to eat, I am not sure I won't make the 5 hour flight home with dying.  Then I tell myself I am just being dramatic.......which is not like me at all.  I board my connecting flight to ST PAUL Minnesota.  In the air I decide to pass a kidney stone, which at this time I have no idea is a stone at all.  I just think I am becoming septic. It feels as though my insides are going to explode & I happened to have taken a percocet already that morning.

As I lay here in the Minnesota United Hospital I am trying to research all the ways I can prevent this from happening.  All I can come up with is water & exercise.

Well that should be second nature
Wonder why it happened to me?

The ONLY thing I can think of is that i went for a 2 mile run in 90 degree weather & sweat more than i ever have in my LIFE.  That night i went to the hospital.  I know that I already had the infection, but did this cause the stones i wonder?

Seem times pain is the largest teacher
I know i will never forget this!
In my case, I let a bladder infection go, or tried to intervene with my acupuncture tea.
These actions do work for prevention, not intervention

My research now, if based on what causes stones & proper recovery.

The top recommendations are 
exercise & drinking plenty of water....
now why would I of all people have kidney stones?
The world may never know....but you can bet your butt i will never ever be in a hospital on a Saturday in St Paul Minnesota ever again! 
I might even permanently have a camel back of fluids attached to my body.


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