Monday, August 20, 2012

Bashful Banana

it's not what you might be my favorite title yet!

have you ever been around a LARGE group of people that all want to go out for ice cream?
waaa WAAAAA.  having a tummy that is more on the anti lactose side makes you want pout
BUT at the Ocean City NJ boardwalk I found a large trough of heaven of which i could only finsish a quarter of.

faux ice cream made from fruit, CALLED BANANA WHIP!
mostly from frozen pureed bananas
they do a parfait
a shake with peanut butter (redic)
as well as a split, which i though was going to be a shake until it came out with starwberries. bluberries choc sauce & crushed almonds (sans whipped cream thankfully)
as i pretended not to see the choc sauce (in the trough or slathered on my spoon) my eyes rolled in to the back of head.  jeez louise they're onto something here. BRING ON THE MAGIC BULLET!

if you hit the jersey shore or find a local non dairy creamery let me know! the innovation is making people healthier & just as happy!

what's your favorite healthy snack?

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