Saturday, December 24, 2011

Top Ten Post Holiday Tips

ok so thanksgiving, christmas, the holiday parties, & new years
are O V E R
now what!?
you join the ALPHA VENICE TEAM
and get that shit in gear PERIOD.

here are my top ten post holiday must see tips
to help get you to your new year's body
information that will help you get in shape
get back in shape
or just become healthier
any step, no matter how small it may be, is still a step

1. never workout on empty

is what fuels your fire
the common misconception is that if we workout in the morning we will burn off the food that we ate the previous day.
WRONG ANSWER, that food has already been stored as fat. training on empty burns muscle, not stored fat. this happens due to the lack of (energy) carbs available to the muscle.
Keep it up & you will be forever SOFT.
do yourself a a HEALTHY BREAKFAST
2. greens greens greens

they aid in digestion, re growth of muscle & increase in blood volume. things that grow from the earth are the cleanest forms of sustenance we can put into our mouths.
Obviously fresh foods & whole grains are the way to go, but if you can go ORGANIC, that is highly recommended. This way you don’t have to worry about pesticides & genetic engineering.
Clean greens will strengthen your immunity, improve circulation, all while assisting your energy & endurance.
3. cardio is your best friend – esp after a holiday

get movin!!!!!! anything over 30 mins gets you into the fat burning zone.
if you ate more than usual, (which is to be expected over the holiday season) add a few long duration cardio sessions into the mix. finish off your #get focused or 30 min NTC workouts with an hour of MODERATE cardio. this is NOT something to do EVERYTIME, but changing it up fights those extra cookies & pie.
4. hydrate your butt off

water is your best friend, it pushes things right along.
If you are sweating you better be increasing that daily intake. Did you know that you are supposed to drink ½ your weight in water? Take the number of how much you weight & cut it in half. That is how many oz you should be in taking daily.
LIGHT BULB, get with the program.
5. start the year with committing to more preparation
taking care of yourself

requires planning.
when are you going to get your workout in, what will your balanced meals be? where are you going to get your meals, how will they be prepared, when are you going to have them & what are the best snacks on the go? What is the proper time to wind down from your day so you can get a proper night’s rest?
6. breathe: it's a stress reliever

take 7 mins a day, just sit & breathe deeply.
7. stretch
as an athletes we must rebalance our bodies since we place such

a high demand on them. Stretching to open our muscles up, is the perfect form of self appreciation. For every action there must be an equal & opposite reaction. yoga, active stretching & foam rolling are positive ways to thank your body for pushing through these intense NIKE TRAINING CLUB workouts. be nice, allow yourself an extra 20 mins to cool down after a workout.
8. choose an alternate for of transportation

ALPHA VENICE members get their 10th class free when walking, biking, blading or running.
if you can get to the store, a friends house, the gym, the coffee shop without driving PLEASE DO SO. The environment will thank you & so will your tush.
9. wine or dessert: not both

best advise,

they should be considered the same thing. alcohol & dessert are both counted as EMPTY CALORIES in our bodies. Why torture yourself? If you have are attending a social gathering help yourself out. IF ANY, one or the other.
when having a treat, it should be properly balanced. Along with balance it should not be completely composed of sugar & unhealthy fat. ALPHA SWEETS are made with beneficial fats, unrefined sugar & even have added protein! this way your body can digest our “desserts” as a meal, instead of storing it for that extra cardio sessions.
10. REST: training is about knowing your limits
Your body will benefit

more from a day off, then it will from beating it to a pulp. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, if you have hit the wall be mature enough to let yourself rest. I for one believe in pushing yourself to the limit. but each athlete's individual threshold changes DAILY. know the difference between an excuse & your intuition.

REMEMBER: each day in the gym, on the track, in the pool, on the field, or even at home on the elliptical, is different.
what we can do is fuel our bodies with proper nutrition, rest, stretch & condition our machine to function to it's highest potential

this is all part of the maturity & wisdom of being dedicated to wellness.

let's detox from the holiday cookies & new years booze


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