Saturday, December 17, 2011


a build up in your system of back bacterial.....sounds fun

This cause could be anything from a few courses of antibiotics,
a prolonged diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar,
or even something as common as a lengthy period of stress.

Candida produces by-products
that cause damage to your body tissues and organs,
wreaking havoc on your immune system.
The major waste product of yeast cell activity is Acetaldehyde,
a poisonous toxin that promotes free radical activity in the body.
Acetaldehyde is also converted by the liver into ethanol (drinking alcohol).
Some people even report feeling a drunk or hungover feeling along with
debilitating fatigue from the high amounts of ethanol is their system.

Many sufferers of Candidiasis remain undiagnosed
many doctors don't recognize the systemic problems that Candidiasis causes.
They only treat the symptoms such as vaginal infection or oral thrush.
Some healthcare professionals don't believe in Candida,
see a naturopath, homeopathic doctor or kinesiologist


Fresh Fruit

Dried Fruit

Canned Fruit

Fruit Juice

All pork products

Cured meats like salami, pepperoni, pastrami and hot dogs

Processed meats like lunch meat, bacon and spam

Smoked or vacuum packed meats

All fish except for sockeye salmon and sardine

All shellfish

Cheeses aged for 6 months or more

Citric Acid

Anything on the list of ingredients that you don't know or can't pronounce!







Black & Green Tea

Diet & Regular Soda

Energy drinks

Sports Drinks

Malted Drinks (e.g. Ovaltine, Horlicks, Caro)

Coconut Water

Fruit Juices (fresh or packaged)

Anything made with wheat, rye, oats or barley, e.g. white bread, rye bread, pasta

Spelt products

Corn and corn byproducts











Soy sauce

Salad dressings









Rice Syrup

Artificial Sweeteners (e.g. Asulfame, Nutra-Sweet)

Agave nectar

Coconut Sugar

All vinegars, except for Apple Cider Vinegar

Peanut oil

Cottonseed oil

Corn oil

Canola oil

Soy oil



if you have been eating healthy organic foods for years

and are now reading that some of them are contributing to your lethargy

& off set immune system, join the club

i had never known that this was my issue since childhood

growing up i was always on antibiotics for bronchitis or ear infections or SOMETHING

to later in my teenage years to develop chromic mononucleosis

then after years of battling it realized it was in fact EBV

my autoimmune issues had lead me to research Chronic Fatigue

though i would never let it get the best of me,

never let anyone or any circumstance keep me form doing what i wanted to do

now, years later, realizing that candida could have been the cause all along

the belly issues i had as a kid.....i could stink up any room (yes i said it)

the lack of stamina & how i always felt that i could never keep up, or had to try twice as hard too

today i cannot believe that fruit, oats & fish have dominated my imbalance

the occasional glass of wine & weekly gluten free baked good?

how about spelt products?

no no no, STRESS is eating me alive from the inside out

so let the detox games begin........

As you remove the bacteria from your body
you will experience some reactions.
To reduce the symptoms, drink lots of water, try a sauna or a hot bath
Take some Vitamin C supplements.

i am now taking green vibrance
a colon cleanse
& candex daily

the colonic is next on the list
will let you know how that goes :)

be aware of the damaging effects of antibiotics
only take them if absolutely necessary
the holistic approach to wellness is a much safer road
you dont achieve the instant gratification of pharmaceuticals
or the pleasure of the symptoms being masked
but the satisfaction of dedication & patience to heal yourself
there is nothing else quite like it

stress management has been on my mind for years
among the 10,000 other things i want to master
the problem is that
i love to be busy
i am bored without a full plate (pardon the pun)
micromanaging is my speciality, but that needs to subside
but how do you do the thorough job that people expect from you
and change your habits & the reactions your body has to them?

i am learning to not take things personally
to delegate, and review later :)
all things will be done in time


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