Thursday, November 24, 2011


though there are a few things that were "left out" of the article
i would like to clear them up

as a trainer, to me, it is about experience, knowledge & repore
"I started studying nutrition and obtained a nutritional coaching certificate, as well as becoming a certified STC trainer"
this one statement has much much more than that between the lines

I grew up as a cometitive dancer in Northern New Jersey. Since the age of 7, I was competing all over the country. We went to conventions to work with different choreographers & event performed right here in California at Disneyland. I remember it like it was yesterday, though it was over 10 years. I was wearing a dalmatian costume in 90 degree weather doing back handsprings in the most magical place on earth. Dancing taught me the dedication & discipline that is required to keep reaching for want you want to achieve. I am so thankful that I had such wonderful parents that made sure I could be there EVERYDAY, and teachers that pushed me as hard as they did. After graduating high school in 2001, I spent a few years in NYC I decided to move to Los Angeles to go to school & work as a professional dancer. The combination of being too tall & wanting to shy away from being judged for my personal appearance, I became a group ex instructor. This came natural to me, multitasking, correcting posture; I thought that I may be on to something. About 7 years ago doctors found a blood clot in my father's leg. I was very annoyed with all the pharmaceuticals, even though they were necessary. There must be a better way. To give someone who needs to change his lifestyle prescribed, medication is just masking the true problem. That is when I began burying my nose in nutritional almanacs & eventually starting on my holistic journey. This lead me to Clayton College. Prevention vs Intervention. Let's get to the root of the problem, before it becomes a problem. For a man in his mid 50s that sits at a desk most of the day, where do we start? GET YOUR BUTT MOVING. Moderate exercise & changing up your intake. From there people just started looking to me for advise. I went from a dancer that taught group ex ,to getting my NASM certification as well as IBNFC cert for Nutritional Coaching while still in school working toward my B.S. of Natural Health. Quite a ride. My passion for health & functional training led me to the TRX community in 2007 when I was certified as an STC trainer. Since then I have been request & completed my TTT course with the TRX family. I now teach the STC certification to spread the love about standing up to train! Power Plate was my next project. To learn the ins & outs of vibration technology was fascinating. A majority of 2008-2009 was spent at the Brentwood Power Plate pop up location. There I worked closely with one of the top vibration specialist as he worked on a grant for WBV for rehabilitation. We were rewarded Workout of the Year, by CitySearch for 2009!

So form, function & food have been my top priorities for many years. As hold true to my Nike obsession.....that started early. As a kid I always wanted the boys shoes.......they have way better colors/styles. During the early years of personal training I had watched NIKE Master trainers with admiration. Those as fabulous a the lovely Lacey Stone. I really wanted to get to that level where I could have a larger impact. Some how I have arrived. I have been lucky enough to have taken everything full circle to use movement & determination to help people find their balance & confidence. My passion for wellness as well as the NIKE brand was shining brightly enough to have taken me where I am today.

Everyone has the power to do what they love, they just have to love it ENOUGH to do whatever it takes to get to the finish line.

there have been many milestones this year
-a 2 year contract with NIKE
-the opening of my gym
-being spotlighted by NIKE WOMEN on their blog
-Urban Daddy doing a write up on the collaborative "futuristic gym"

this thanksgiving was a special one, spent in OMAHA, NE
i got the chance to spend time with the bolton/vowell family.

Have you ever noticed
(how can you not) that
Traveling makes people so

Here are my friendly
traveling tips


1. cover your mouth
if you cough or sneeze....
jeez close quarters kids
be kind

2. try not to slam your chair back to indent the extremely tall person behind you.
easy does it

3. boots that lace up to your nipples.....leave them at home or in your case
nobody wants to wait behind you

4. if you are carrying a cat around the airport, try not to sit next to a person that is allergic.

if you MUST travel with your cat, please ask those around you if they are aware so they don't think they are RANDOMLY having a uncontrollable fit.

5. when exiting the plane do NOT try to push in front of someone in the previous isle.
i will clothesline a fool.

6. if you are politely asking to switch seats so a couple can sit together AND there is an eldery (92) woman in the only other isle see please dont attempt to make HER move.
everyone does at one point or another, it's called taking one for the team.

7. when eating in the airport; foods such as fish, mexican & other smelly entrees
EAT THEM IN THE TERMINAL please please please do not punish those around you with your poor choices on the PLANE

8. farting though you can't hear it, DOES STILL SMELL

9. when walking off the plane through the jetway into the airport, dont just STOP.
This causes a pile up.
Whether you are aware of it or not, it is very annoying.
To be flat tire-ed after a long flight is that last thing i would call enjoyable.

10. at baggage claim, resist the urge to stand directly in front or behind another person.
Personal space guidelines still apply in airports

Just something to keep in mind for your next holidy travel experience.



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  2. thankful for traveling etiquette !