Monday, November 14, 2011


I WAS IN MY PRIME..........

of what?
making money?
being sought after?
having successful relationships
living on the edge?
are you ripe like the perfect california grown avocado?

what does this phrase mean?


blah blah blah
so fine another

like wine, we as people, should only get better with age
we have more experiences under out belt
we have learned both useful & ridiculous factoids
our patience with ourselves increases
the time we spend focusing on our individual self should deplete
while the moments spent on anther's best interest the takes over

let this time,
now, today, right this minute,
be a time that you commit to yourself:
that you are in the ALL. out. throws, of your CURRENT prime!
that is; of being fully open & accepting of everyone
even if you dont understand or agree with them

listen with your brain,
not only with your ears
the knowledge you learn from listening,
both useful & ridiculous
helps you.
molds you.
into a better person,
a wiser teacher
& hopefully a more compassionate lover/friend

we all do the best that we can
what matters to you, wont necessarily matter to the next guy
& that doesn't mean that it should not matter to him

choose your battles.
stand up for what you believe.
hold your head high.

Today you are in your PRIME.

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