Monday, July 18, 2011

how do i drink more water?

for years i have been telling clients, friends & family members to
if you do nothing else, hydrate
water has the power to change your digestion, skin & energy levels

mom will only drink flavored water, which i cannot stand
rachel, adds crystal light to her water, and that seems to work
if the flavors get people to intake more H2O, hey I'm down for THAT
you can & should add lemon to your water, to push everything through
it also has a metabolizing effect

you should have water with you where ever you go
just be careful about leaving plastic bottles in the sun or in your car
invest in a water kanteen
saves money & is better for the environment

has been my greatest ally
in the journey to better hydration
for some strange reason
a client told me that she will drink more water
if it is from a straw
and whatdoya know..........
it worked for me

I LOOOOOOOVE WATER, but there are some days that the glass can just sit next to me on my desk, or the bottle will be in my hand practically all day at the gym, and i just dont get to it
the straw is inviting

what works for you?
your weight divided in half in the #oz your should be drinking daily......PONDER THAT

stick that in your straw and slurp it xo

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