Sunday, July 17, 2011

Buddhism Philosophy



because we were born, we experience suffering - not only suffering as grave pain, but also
suffering as the instability, the sorrow, the hollowness of life. sometimes the distress is simply dissatisfaction that things dont go the way we wish they would. sometimes the discomfort is minor; sometimes the pain is unspeakable.


the cause of suffering is due to ignorance & attachment. we look at our personal histories, our bodies, our thoughts & feelings & we conclude, "that is who i am". when we do this we become consumed and exhausted. we might see sadness, amusement, anger, kindness; we might feel physical pleasure, then discomfort, then relief, the apprehension as the discomfort emerges again. we might see ourselves as a powerful one moment, powerless the next. as our thoughts & feelings & sensations shift & change, any superficial idea of who we are unravels.

we may strive mightily to hold it together, because we fear being NOTHING, being NOWHERE. as long as we are ignorant of what lies below the surface identifications, the teachings say we will be unhappy.

i honestly believe that to be true
& have first hand experience
it is still something i struggle with daily
there has been enough personal work/growth
for me to recognize when my ego is taking over

what you do, is not who you are
you cannot be defined by your
appearance, your actions or your stature.
we cannot let our actions/bad decisions take over.
our hearts need to over power it all.
if there is nothing in your heart, you are empty...
your actions will be empty and you will constantly
need to search to be fulfilled

look at what you have in your life
at the core
at the very depth of your happiness
why cant that be the fuel for your fire

we experience suffering because we are human
but we give each experience more meaning that it's worth
you can chose to end that suffering
by making yourself valuable to YOU
be that person you are proud of being

i posted on my fan page today...
NEVER suppress what you want due to circumstance

it doesnt matter what day tomorrow is
or what tasks you need to preform
tomorrow you are who your soul tells you to be
that person who smiles at EVERYONE
that laughs uncontrollably even though people can hear
hold doors open
watch the sunset in awe
and let that feeling, RIGHT THERE, stay with you
your calling is in the peace you find in silence

so let yourself be silent
just feel,

stop wasting time feeling sorry for yourself
or making excuses
we ALL have a story
it can make or break us, if we allow it
fight through the ignorance & attachment
in the words of en vogue

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